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cperl-5.22.1 release

Get the ball rolling.

No Tolkin quote.

cperl is also less postmodern than perl5.  There is usually a best way to
do it. Internally. In language interpreters there are not many good options,
but many bad ones.
cperl also not a religion.  We are liberal and don't enforce faith in the
maintainers.  You can light a candle, nice, but we won't expell you if you
do not.
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1 parent 61e04ae commit 9d657af9dd94a51d00e0e5cc982aafd9797d7694 Reini Urban committed Sep 14, 2015
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@@ -5,6 +5,7 @@ These are the changes above perl-5.22.1 (i.e. 5.23.0)
See pod/perlcperl.pod for a summary, but note that perlcperl includes also
still in work features.
+ * Enable cloning of readonly packages with threads (upstream bug)
* Add Travis hooks:
* Do not fallback to u_ ops on 32bit.
* installperl uses PERLNAME=cperl with -Dusecperl
@@ -16,7 +17,7 @@ still in work features.
#125350: qq{@{[0}*sub{]]}}}=sub{0' . "\c[" (Shlomi Fish, not upstream)
fixed various off-by-one \0 errors with the new 5.16 GV code.
* merge SVf_PROTECT with SVf_READONLY, no double readonly system
- * fix old OA_TARGLEX bug with TARGET_MY optim
+ * fix ops using lexical $_, old OA_TARGLEX bug with TARGET_MY optim
* add shaped arrays and optimize certain accesses to omit run-time
bounds checks. loops with static ranges, constant array indices.
* typed all internal ops and use them.
@@ -59,6 +59,7 @@ github repo soon.
* improved build system (make -s, faster, CC vs LD confusion)
* hash keys keep the tainted info. see [perlsec](
* fix ops using lexical `$_`
+* readonly packages can be cloned with threads
Most of them only would have a chance to be merged upstream if a
p5p committer would have written it.
@@ -75,7 +76,17 @@ See the github issues: [](
With 32bit fast-arithmetic optimizations are currently disabled.
OS-specific non-unix Makefiles (e.g. Windows, VMS, os2, Cross, NetWare..)
-cannot generate a dynamic Config yet.
+cannot generate a dynamic Config yet. You may call it our temp. _"Config hell"_,
+but it's worth it. Patches welcome.
+Parallel builds sometimes stop at missing ``. Redo the make
+then. Packagers should try a 2nd make if the first stops, sorry. See
+the `.travis.yml` recipe.
+Without `-Dusecperl`, i.e. building a normal perl5, fails on a few tests.
+You shouldn't do that. See [#34](
+USE_CPERL only makes it easier to take patches to upstream, but not all
+cornercases are adjusted.
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