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Commits on Dec 24, 2010
  1. merge Makefile.SH to i_opt

  2. merge Makefile.SH to i_opt

Commits on Dec 23, 2010
  1. @vpit

    Quote 'threads' in

    vpit committed
    If unquoted, it may throw a warning when can't be loaded.
  2. @bingos

    Update Encode to CPAN version 2.41

    bingos committed
      $Revision: 2.41 $ $Date: 2010/12/23 11:05:58 $
        Applied: RT#63387 encode of MIME-Header inserts too much whitespace
      t/Aliases.t lib/Encode/
        Applied: RT#63286: Various Encode::Alias improvements
Commits on Dec 22, 2010
  1. update RMG discussion of post-release actions

    Zefram committed is dead. is maintained by Ask, not Jarkko
    any more.  Separate CPAN/src and issues into distinct steps.
Commits on Dec 21, 2010
  1. Fix IS_UTF8_CHAR() to recognise start bytes 0xF5, 0xF6, 0xF7.

    Nicholas Clark committed
    The refactoring of 3b0fc15 inadvertently introduced a bug
    in Perl_is_utf8_char() and its callers, such as Perl_is_utf8_string(),
    whereby the beyond-Unicode characters 0x140000 to 0x1fffff were no longer
    recognised as valid.
  2. Convert lib/utf8.t to strict and warnings throughout.

    Nicholas Clark committed
  3. Re-sort MANIFEST after a7dcd8d.

    Nicholas Clark committed
  4. @Tux

    No reference to $Id: in generated files

    Tux committed
    They might have served a purpose in the original files, but Nicholas
    and Zefram expressed their concern that in the generated files, these
    tags are misleading and unneeded.
  5. @Tux
  6. @Tux

    Restore a reference to $perlpath. Installation needs it

    Tux committed
    cbeaa18 removed the reference to $perlpath
  7. @jandubois

    sin6_scope_id is supported by Winsock2.

    jandubois committed
    The field is missing in the headers included with VC6, but
    commit 1ab9ebc adds it in our win32/include/sys/socket.h.
  8. @tonycoz
  9. @tonycoz
  10. @craigberry

    d_sin6_scope_id configuration probe for VMS.

    craigberry committed
    It's present on recent versions, but not all versions.  Follow-up
    to f53580f.
Commits on Dec 20, 2010
  1. regexec.c: white-space only

    Karl Williamson committed
    Commit 9e2c615305806d76433db342e5659ffeccc3746a didn't adjust the white
    space for the changes that it introduced.  This patch does that.
  2. regexec:c Remove unreached code

    Karl Williamson committed
    The new name of ANYOF_LOC_NONBITMAP_FOLD makes it clear that the only
    way folding can be aplicable here is if it is under locale.
  3. Change name of regex intrnl macro to new meaning

    Karl Williamson committed
    ANYOF_FOLD is now used only under fewer conditions.  Otherwise the
    bitmap of character 0-255 is fully calculated with the folds, and the
    flag is not set.  One condition is under locale, where the folds aren't
    known at compile time; the other is for things accessible through a
    By changing the name to its new meaning, certain optimizations become more
  4. @Tux

    Add sin6_scope_id probe (LeoNerd)

    Tux committed
  5. Tweak IPC-Open3.t to cope with \r\n line endings on Win32.

    Nicholas Clark committed
    The refactoring of bd29e8c to use Test::More broke the tests on Win32,
    because it didn't realise that the previous code was relying on the test
    harness being line ending agnostic.
  6. @craigberry

    stdint.h has yet to appear on VMS.

    craigberry committed
    Despite the compiler's claiming C99 compliance.  What we probably
    really need here is I_STDINT, or perhaps HAVE_INTMAX and
    HAVE_UINTMAX, determined by Configure and friends.  But in any case
    07208e0 broke the build, so this
    gets it going again for now.
  7. utf8.c: add to comment

    Karl Williamson committed
  8. regexec.c: Remove unnecessary statements

    Karl Williamson committed
    These variables are set to other values just a couple of lines below
  9. perltodo: Revise utf8 todo

    Karl Williamson committed
  10. utf8.c, .h: Clarify pod and comment

    Karl Williamson committed
  11. mktables: fix typo in comment

    Karl Williamson committed
  12. Change regexes to debug dump non-ASCII as hex.

    Karl Williamson committed
    instead of the less familiar octal for larger values.  Perhaps they
    should actually print the actual character, but this is far easier than
    the previous to understand.
  13. pv_escape: Add option to dump all non-ascii as hex

    Karl Williamson committed
    This patch adds an option to pv_escape() to dump all characters above ASCII
    in hex.  Before, you could get all chars as hex or the Latin1 non-ASCII
    as octal, whereas the typical values for these that people think in are
    given in hex.
  14. dump.c: correct pod statement

    Karl Williamson committed
  15. update TOC for perl5138delta and perl5139delta

    Zefram committed
Commits on Dec 19, 2010
  1. create perldelta for 5.13.9

    Zefram committed
  2. epigraph for 5.13.8

    Zefram committed
  3. replace gratuitous Unicode dashes

    Zefram committed
  4. tweak later segments of release procedure

    Zefram committed
    Slightly more clue about the indexer failures.
    Move some post-release steps into a new "the day after" section.
  5. fix -tree test for non-threaded perl

    Zefram committed
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