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Commits on May 3, 2015
  1. make -s: more Makefile silencing

    speeding up compilation time
  2. MD5: static is not at beginning of declaration

    authored committed
    gcc-5.0: -Wold-style-declaration
  3. simplify tests to use -DH

    authored committed
    hanging is only cpan/Test-Simple/t/utf8.t now
  4. use CRC32 as default with SSE4.2

    authored committed
    fix the *seed + len issues.
    do not assert yet on empty seed, we should avoid it beforehand in the randomizer
  5. -DH debug hash fill, size and collisions

    authored committed
    for make test. testing quality of functions and collision strategy
  6. add pod/perltypes.pod

Commits on Feb 10, 2015
  1. make -s: silent means silent

    check MAKEFLAGS for -s|--silent|--quiet and honor it
  2. fix RT#81332 744aaba bloats the B compilers

    authored committed
    reverts 744aaba, which moved the B bootstrap'ing from run-time to
    BEGIN, which is a big problem in all B compilers, since any compiler
    does not know if a B constant is needed inside the users code or just
    imported by using the compiler.  E.g. every compiled .plc bytecode
    file is now 13K bigger, all B constants are imported now. Similar for
    the other compilers.
    The only reason of the move was to avoid to stub B::OPf_KIDS.
  3. Fix generation for gcc-5.0

    gcc-5.0 -E interleaves now line numbers with expended macros, so that
    the generated errno.c will be preprocessed to
    EBFONT => [[
    which is hard to parse in in line-based reader.
    So probe for cpp with "-E -P" first, which will skip producing the linenumbers.
Commits on Feb 6, 2015
  1. @craigberry

    Fix quoting in new switchd.t test.

    craigberry authored
    Escaped double quotes are not portable, but luckily we don't need
    to worry about what is portable as runperl will take care of it for
    us if we leave things in its capable hands.
    Follow-up to 8d28fc8.
  2. @khwilliamson

    Generalize Carp for non-ASCII platforms

    khwilliamson authored
    This includes making some {} optional in arg_regexp.t, as I couldn't get
    them to consistently appear.
  3. @khwilliamson

    Carp: Fix off-by-one error for early Perl versions

    khwilliamson authored
    This error occurred only when running Perl before 5.14, and included DEL
    as a printable instead of excluding it.
  4. @khwilliamson
  5. Deparse: Don’t choke on SPECIAL constants

    Father Chrysostomos authored
    Some modules, e.g., POSIX, create constants in the form of references
    to immortals in the stash.  B::Deparse started croaking on these in
    $ ./perl -Ilib -MO=Deparse -MPOSIX -e0
    Can't locate object method "FLAGS" via package "B::SPECIAL" at lib/B/ line 745.
    CHECK failed--call queue aborted.
    At the same time I fixed the stash-probing code, I also had to fix
    deparsing of \!0, which had the same bug.
  6. perlvar typo

    Father Chrysostomos authored
  7. @dagolden
  8. @khwilliamson

    t/run/locale.t: Remove obsolete comments

    khwilliamson authored
    STDERR is now completely turned off.
  9. @khwilliamson

    locale.c: savepv() of getenv()

    khwilliamson authored
    This also changes a '0' into a FALSE when initializing a boolean, which
    I consider clearer.
  10. @khwilliamson

    locale.c: Fix comment

    khwilliamson authored
  11. [perl #123753] Fix assertion failure with map+map

    Father Chrysostomos authored
    ck_grep calls ck_fun, which sets the lower private bits to indicate
    the number of operands.  ck_grep usually undoes that, by clobbering
    op_private completetly.  If an error has occurred, it doesn’t, so we
    may fail an assertion if the lower bits are not expected to be set on
    mapstart and grepstart.
  12. [perl #123737] Fix assertion failure with 0${

    Father Chrysostomos authored
    S_no_op, which displays ‘Foo found where operator expected’, assumes
    that PL_bufptr points to the beginning of the token, but that was not
    the case for ${ at the end of a line.  The attempt to read more into
    the buffer would make PL_bufptr point to the end of the line.  This
    meant it would use a negative string length when generating the
    ‘(Missing operator before foo?)’ text, only accidentally escaping a
    crash.  On debugging builds, it failed an assertion.
  13. @dagolden
  14. @bingos

    Update Encode to CPAN version 2.70

    bingos authored
    $Revision: 2.70 $ $Date: 2015/02/05 10:53:00 $
    ! Makefile.PL
      add bin/encguess to EXE_FILES
    2.69 2015/02/05 10:35:11
    ! bin/encguess
      Refactored so that
      * does not depend on non-core module (File::Slurp in particular)
      * PODified document
      * -s "encA encB" to -s encA,encB which is more shell-friendly
      * and more
    + bin/encguess
      Pulled: Added CLI wrapper for Encode::Guess
    ! Unicode/
      Pulled: Bump $VERSION in module changed since Encode-2.60
  15. @wolfsage
  16. @ilmari @wolfsage

    Fix setenv() replacement documentation in perlclib

    ilmari authored wolfsage committed
    my_putenv doesn't exist, the function is called my_setenv
Commits on Feb 5, 2015
  1. @khwilliamson

    regcomp.c: Warn on [:^posix:] not being in []

    khwilliamson authored
    A POSIX character class is has to be in a bracketed character class.  A
    warning is issued when something appearing to be one is found outside.
    Until this commit the warning wasn't raised for negated classes.
  2. @khwilliamson
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