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Commits on Sep 27, 2011
  1. merge from blead

  2. Export DynaLoader symbols from libperl again

    With 5.15.2 and the new xubpp, DynaLoader symbols were XS_INTERNAL, before
    they were effectively XS_EXTERNAL. This broke B::C and possibly other
    embedded apps which link to DynaLoader functions.
  3. @rafl
  4. Avoid a "use of uninitialized value" warning from pwent.t

    Nicholas Clark committed
    16acebf refactored parts of t/op/pwent.t and enabled warnings.
    The refactoring was not the cause - the previous t/op/pwent.t code would
    warn if run with -w.
    On OS X (and presumably any other platform where the test processes the
    output of /usr/bin/dscl), where a user does not have a real name, dscl does
    not output a corresponding line, and as a result the test's processing code
    had undef in a data structure. The implicit conversion of this to an empty
    string was correct for the test to pass, but generates a warning when
    warnings are enabled. Hence disable this specific warning for the minimal
    scope where the conversion is wanted behaviour.
Commits on Sep 26, 2011
  1. @rafl
  2. @rafl

    Add 5.14.2 to perlhist

    rafl committed
  3. @rafl

    Add 5.14.2-RC1 to perlhist

    rafl committed
  4. @rafl

    Add the 5.14.2 perldelta

    rafl committed
  5. @rafl

    Add the 5.14.2 epigraph

    rafl committed
  6. podcheck.t: Work for scripts/utilities under VMS

    Karl Williamson committed
     As noted in the comments in the code for this commit, VMS builds
     add a '.com' suffix to scripts and utilities and hence their names don't
     match what is in podcheck's db.  This canonicalizes such names
     back to what the db is expecting.
Commits on Sep 25, 2011
  1. t/re/re_tests: Add TODO

    Karl Williamson committed
  2. perlrebackslash: Add missing paren to example

    Karl Williamson committed
  3. podcheck.t: New method for skipping .PL files

    Karl Williamson committed
    This reverts most of commit df80274
    and uses a different method to exclude .PL files, suggested by Nicholas
    It uses the MANIFEST to find such files and then excludes them based on
    the full path name.
  4. podcheck.t: Remove extra loop initialization

    Karl Williamson committed
    I think its clearer to put the subroutine call in each line of
  5. podcheck.t: Move hash declaration to earlier in file

    Karl Williamson committed
    The only change is to move a block of code around.  This is to prepare
    for future commits
  6. podcheck.t: Move subroutine defn earlier in file

    Karl Williamson committed
    This is to prepare for future commits, to avoid a warning message
    about prototype checking
  7. podcheck.t: Don't calc value twice

    Karl Williamson committed
  8. podcheck.t: remove unused variable

    Karl Williamson committed
  9. @bingos
  10. @chipdude
  11. Avoid a double free with CORE->lc

    Father Chrysostomos committed
    The code for autovivifying coresubs for method calls ended up calling
    hv_store(stash,name,len,(SV *)gv,0) where gv is already in the stash
    under that entry.  Since hv_store takes ownership of one reference
    count and decrements that of what it overwrites (which is the same gv
    in this case), it ends up freeing the gv prematurely.
    It ended up making that call because S_maybe_add_coresub needs the
    stash to get its ENAME (which happens when called by gv_fetchmeth),
    but it also assumed that the presence of the stash meant the gv
    needed to be stored in it (as is the case with the other caller,
    This patch reuses the fullen (full length) parameter as a flag to
    indicate that that hv_store call should be skipped.
    These workarounds for the assumptions that newATTRSUB makes are start-
    ing to make inlining look very attractive....
Commits on Sep 24, 2011
  1. regexp.t: print diagnostics with leading '#'

    Karl Williamson committed
    Some test platforms don't like unexpected output without the comment
    prefix character
  2. Add t/porting/checkcfgvar.t to run Porting/ as a test.

    Nicholas Clark committed
    Add TAP generation and a --tap option to Porting/
    In checkcfgvar.t, document its purpose, and the likely way to fix the
    problems that it has flagged up. This is a prototype before adding similar
    instructions to the other t/porting tests.
  3. A small refactor of

    Nicholas Clark committed
    For --list, only print the name out in one place.
    Remove a now-redundant sort for --regen.
    Alert the user if default values are not being added because --default was
    not specified.
  4. Refactor t/porting/regen.t to use TestInit q(T A);

    Nicholas Clark committed
    Previously it had custom code to change directory to the top of the source
    tree, and to convert the library paths to absolute. TestInit has common code
    for this.
  5. [perl #92898] Clarify (*THEN)’s scope

    Father Chrysostomos committed
Commits on Sep 23, 2011
  1. Document open fh, "<:"

    Father Chrysostomos committed
  2. Move the test for recursive call to Perl_load_module to t/io/perlio.t

    Nicholas Clark committed
    It's a croak(), not a warning, so doesn't really belong in lib/warnings.t
    [This also implicitly fixes the wrong expected output of 69dc7e4]
  3. Test perl #96008: use and require affected by

    Father Chrysostomos committed
  4. @Hugmeir

    [perl #96008] use and require are affected by the open pragma

    Hugmeir committed with Father Chrysostomos
    % perl -e 'print "package F;\n # \xF1\n;1;"' >
    % perl '-Mopen=:encoding(utf8)' -e 'require ""'
    utf8 "\xF1" does not map to Unicode at line 1.
    Bit of a surprising discovery; Turns out that passing a single ":" for
    the layers skips the fetch from the context layers:
    perl -wE 'use open qw( :encoding(UTF-8) ); open my $fh, "<:", "etc"; say PerlIO::get_layers($fh);'
    That will only get the relevant default layers, while removing the
    colons makes it work as usual -- So we can abuse this (mis)feature to
    fix the bug.
  5. Move/rewrite test for Recursive call to Perl_load_module

    Father Chrysostomos committed
    This test was relying on a bug in require that causes it to use what-
    ever I/O layers are active in require‘s *caller* when opening a file
    [perl #96008].
    This rewrites the test using the example in ticket #75722.
    Since it no longer has anything to do with, it is now in
  6. Make CORE->method work

    Father Chrysostomos committed
    This will probably not be used, but ought to be here for complete-
    ness’ sake.
    Method lookup needs to trigger the autovivification of coresubs.
    Since it does not use gv_fetchpvn_flags, the coresub-autovification is
    now in a separate static function, so that both standard gv lookup and
    method lookup can share it.
Commits on Sep 22, 2011
  1. perlre: Note a bug's existence

    Karl Williamson committed
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