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branch: samv/blead
Commits on Dec 21, 2008
  1. @samv

    Update t/run/switches.t for git-aware DEVEL label

    Nicholas Clark authored samv committed
    The DEVEL version marker used to be a monotonically incrementing
    integer; however it is now more git-ish.  Update this test to test for
    the new form of DEVEL.
  2. @samv

    Update ByteLoader .gitignore

    Nicholas Clark authored samv committed
    There shouldn't be a ByteLoader directory in ext, even if all it has is a
  3. @samv

    Change elsif to the correct "else if" construction.

    Nicholas Clark authored samv committed
    /bin/sh isn't /usr/bin/perl :-)
    I suspect that this slipped by into the previous change because
    cflags.SH doesn't seem to be re-expanded if it's newer than cflags.
Commits on Dec 20, 2008
  1. @rgs

    Replace Jarkko's manicheck utility with my own

    rgs authored
    My manicheck is more crude, but I find its output more readable,
    and more importantly it handles git-related files and directories.
    Options can be re-added later.
  2. @rgs

    Add missing files to the MANIFEST

    rgs authored
    TODO: those two new scripts can be merged together.
  3. MANIFEST files want tabs. Hysterical raisins.

    Nicholas Clark authored
  4. @pjf
  5. make perl use git-describe for PATCHNUM

    Yves Orton authored
    This is just an initial attempt at getting something more useful into the -v / -V output.
    Currently "patchlevel" is really "version", and PATCHNUM is just a special string added
    to the patchlevel in perl.c via defines created by cflags.SH and its product file cflags,
    which happens very early in the build process. This means that for committers the -v output
    is likely to not be upto date unless they run make clean.
    Anyway, IMO we should rethink a reasonable amount about how we do this, this is just a crude
    step forward.
  6. add some stuff to .gitignore

    Yves Orton authored
  7. Remove superceded repository.pod

    Nicholas Clark authored
    Remove repository.pod, as it is entirely about the setup of the
    ActiveState perforce repository, and is now superceded by
  8. Rebuild pod/perltoc.pod.

    Nicholas Clark authored
  9. Re-sort the MANIFEST in the preferred order.

    Nicholas Clark authored
  10. Note how to set user name and e-mail address.

    Nicholas Clark authored
  11. Update the $VERSION of ExtUtils::MM_Unix

    Nicholas Clark authored
    Without this, MM_Unit.t fails following previous change to
    ExtUtils::MM_Win32 (7f69948)
  12. @rgs
  13. trim trailing spaces

    Yves Orton authored
  14. explain more stuff about status

    Yves Orton authored
  15. explain git status and stuff about remotes

    Yves Orton authored
  16. @pjf @Abigail

    Really ignore .patch files

    pjf authored Abigail committed
    Having now created a few .patch files, it appears the current
    .gitignore is reporting them as untracked, rather than simply ignoring
    The attached patch adjusts the .gitignore file to really ignore .patch
    Signed-off-by: Abigail <>
  17. @Abigail

    Spotted a small spelling mistake in pod/perlrepository.pod

    Jody Belka authored Abigail committed
    Signed-off-by: Abigail <>
  18. @pjf @Abigail

    Update autodie to 1.997

    pjf authored Abigail committed
    Message-ID: <>
  19. @pjf @Abigail

    Instructions on how to checkout/pull/branch from blead.

    pjf authored Abigail committed
  20. @vpit
  21. @acme
  22. @smpeters

    It looks like the previous patch is working fine on UNIXish boxes,

    smpeters authored
    but is failing on Windows.  Anyways sv_utf8_upgrade_nomg() is
    a macro anyways, so moving the documentation to sv.h.
  23. @smpeters

    Document perlthanks in perlthanks

    Abigail (via RT) authored smpeters committed
    When reading about 'perlthanks' I used perldoc to read about it.
    It turned out that the POD doesn't mention perlthanks. Nor the -T
    option. Hence this change.
    p5p-msgid: <>
Commits on Dec 19, 2008
  1. @kraai

    Do not use a dash between git and its subcommand

    kraai authored
    Using a dash between git and its subcommand (e.g., git-format-patch)
    is deprecated, so replace it with a space.
  2. @jandubois

    ExtUtils::MM_Win32: do not generate "mt" command when CRT is statical…

    jandubois authored Steve Hay committed
    …ly linked
    If you opt to link statically to the CRT and thus include the CRT
    routines in your own DLL, VC80 will not generate any manifest file,
    and the "mt" command and thus the entire build will fail.
    Make use of 'mt' conditional on the presence of the manifest.
    p5p-msgid: <00f901c961c9$5321e1e0$f965a5a0$@com>
  3. @acme
  4. @smpeters

    PATCH 5.10 documentation

    karl williamson authored smpeters committed
    A bunch of changes to the documentation.  They range from fixing minor
    typos to changing outright lies, and things in between.
    Much of it has to do with Unicode, and includes mostly things that I 
    found out the hard way.
    There are a few comment changes, but almost all is in pods or used in 
    generating pods.
    p5p-msgid: <>
  5. @acme

    Add a section on applying a patch

    acme authored
  6. @acme
  7. @acme
  8. @acme
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