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Branch: tonyc/carpfix
Commits on Sep 6, 2011
  1. @tonycoz

    avoid " in Carp.t test programs, due to Win32 shell issues

    tonycoz authored
    Win32 doesn't have a real execv(), so the " end up in the
    command-line, interfering with the normal quoted command-line
  2. @iabyn

    RT #4682: given() didn't scope $_ correctly

    iabyn authored
    given(expr) {...} behaves similarly to { my $_ = expr; ...},
    except that, prior to this commit, it wasn't doing the SAVECLEARSV()
    that pp_padsv would do.  This meant that $_ was still marked as stale
    while in scope, and wasn't getting cleared at the end of scope.
  3. @tsee

    ExtUtils::ParseXS: Fix INCLUDE: $cmd |

    tsee authored
    INCLUDE: $cmd | is the old, deprecated way of reading the output of
    a command into a stream of XS code. Unfortunately, it was accidentally
    broken by fe7ae66 by replacing the
    two-arg open with a three-arg open that opens in read-mode.
    This change fixes the issue, reported as CPAN RT #70213.
Commits on Sep 5, 2011
  1. @ggoossen

    Move non-constant folding parts of fold_constants into a separate fun…

    ggoossen authored Father Chrysostomos committed
    The non-constant folding parts of fold_constants are moved into
    separate functions. op_integerize handles converting ops to integer
    (and special case of OP_NEGATE), op_std_init handling some standard
    functionality (forced scalar context and allocating the TARGET).
    Both functions are called where fold_constants is called (but we might
    want to make that a bit some selective and use op_std_init in other
  2. @pjacklam

    [perl #98414] Update Math-BigInt-FastCalc to CPAN version 0.30.

    pjacklam authored Father Chrysostomos committed
  3. @craigberry

    No more special socket header handling for VMS.

    craigberry authored
    This is necessary after 046cc26,
    which removed the special handling in vmsish.h.  Building with
    threads masked the need for the current change because reentr.h
    also does the equivalent.
  4. @shlomif

    Add enable/disable commands for breakpoints in perl -d

    shlomif authored Father Chrysostomos committed
Commits on Sep 4, 2011
  1. @rafl
  2. @vpit

    Pass -Idist/Carp/lib to miniperl

    vpit authored
    The build was broken by the move of Carp from lib to dist, because
    miniperl calls perlmodlib.PL, perlmodlib.PL loads FindBin, and FindBin
    wants Carp.
  3. @bingos

    Update CPANPLUS-Dist-Build to CPAN version 0.58

    bingos authored
      0.58 Sun Sep  4 20:42:48 BST 2011
        - Added local::lib type behaviour detection to disable use of 'sudo'
  4. @ggoossen

    Include negative index of array in warnings about an unitialized valu…

    ggoossen authored Father Chrysostomos committed
    …e wen constant folding isn't done.
    When constant folding isn't done OP_NEGATE isn't merged with
    a constant, and the index isn't detected when warning about
    unintialized values. This patch adds special handling for OP_NEGATE to
    the index detection.
  5. @tsee
  6. @tsee

    ExtUtils::ParseXS: Allow users to enforce linkage of XSUBs

    tsee authored
    ... using defines.
    For easy backwards-compatibility of XS modules, we allow XS authors
    to use
    to choose one or the other behaviour. Since "always export" has been
    the default behaviour of ExtUtils::ParseXS for virtually ever, defining
    PERL_EUPXS_ALWAYS_EXPORT means that you get that behaviour in a very
    backwards compatible way (barring a few broken EU::PXS releases).
  7. improve Carp portability to earlier perls

    Zefram authored
    * avoid vivifying globs in utf8::
    * skip caller override completeness check if it would leak
    * regularise format of Carp::Heavy for CPAN indexing
  8. dual-life Carp

    Zefram authored
    Make Carp portable to older Perl versions:
    * check minimum Perl version (5.6) at load time
    * use || instead of //
    * attempt downgrading to avoid loading Unicode tables when that might fail
    * check whether utf8::is_utf8() exists before calling it
    * lower IPC::Open3 version requirement in Carp tests
  9. Remove WITH_THR() and WITH_THX(), which are not used.

    Nicholas Clark authored and Google's codesearch find no use of WITH_THR or WITH_THX.
    WITH_THX() was added in June 1999 in cea2e8a, and the last user
    eliminated with 0b250b9 in August 1999. WITH_THX() was used again
    for DEBUG_CX() in 1c98cc5, and eliminated in d9f81b5.
    WITH_THR() was added in 1997 in 0f15f20. Use everywhere except
    DEBUG_SCOPE() was eliminated in 2006 in 11206fd. WITH_THR() was
    removed from DEBUG_SCOPE() in d9f81b5.
Commits on Sep 3, 2011
  1. UCD.t: Add tests for sped-up lookups

    Karl Williamson authored
    This adds some tests for commit 5c3b35c
  2. mktables: smaller

    Karl Williamson authored
    During the time that mktables was being heavily revamped, Unicode
    proposed a number of new properties whose names began with 'Is'.  Perl
    since 5.6 has alllowed properties to have an optional 'Is' prefix.  Thus
    there was the possibility that a new property name from Unicode would
    conflict with one of Perl's name extensions.  Thus, the code was written
    to individually suppress such an extension when there was a conflict;
    though this would be an undesirable state of affairs, where previously
    working code would have to be changed due to a new Unicode release.
    However, it turns out that other Unicode implementors had done the same
    thing Perl had done, and the protests forced the new Unicode standard to
    remove the 'Is' from the new properties; and apparently they won't try
    to do this again.
    However, the more general case code was still in mktables, doing no
    harm, except enlarging significantly several of the hashes in
    to have essentially double the entries; one for the 'Is', and one
    without.  There have been some murmurings that takes up too
    much memory.  Further, future commits are planned that would take up
    space as well, and that could be made much smaller by not having the
    individual basis for having Is/non-Is.
    So, this commit takes away the individual property Is/non-Is and
    replaces it with a blanket approach that has it for all Unicode
    properties.  This requires a single extra statement in utf8_heavy.
    This has already been added mistakenly, but harmlessly, in commit
    Note that perl extensions still have the individual Is/non-Is.  This is
    because the blanket approach won't work for them, as some of the 'Is'
    synonyms do routinely get approaced in the case of the Block property.
    It is documented that one shouldn't use the 'Is' prefix for the Block
    property, because future Unicode versions could break your code.
  3. @craigberry

    Remove sockadapt layer from the VMS build.

    craigberry authored
    SOCKETSHR is/was an interface to abstract out TCP/IP calls for the
    various vendors' networking implementations, including the freeware
    CMU-IP stack.  Neither SOCKETSHR nor CMU-IP has seen any maintenance
    for over a decade and are likely not even C89-compliant.  The CRTL
    socket routines have been supported by the different vendors' stacks
    for many years so there is no reason to maintain an alternative, and
    there probably hasn't been a real working alternative for some years
    The code is still there in maint-5.14 and earlier branches if
    anyone has need of it.
  4. @ggoossen

    Include name of global scalars in unitialized value warnings when the…

    ggoossen authored Father Chrysostomos committed
    … peephole optimiser isn't applied.
    When the peephole optimiser isn't applied warnings about uninitialised
    values from global scalars don't include the name of variable, because
    the OP_RV2SV + OP_GV isn't converted to OP_GVSV. This patch fixes that
    by extracting the name of the variable from the OP_RV2SV + OP_GV.
  5. Call get-magic once for CV-to-GV assignment

    Father Chrysostomos authored
    pp_rv2gv has already called get-magic, so pp_sassign should not do
    it at all.
    This is a regression from 5.8.8.
  6. Upgrade to threads::shared 1.39

    Jerry D. Hedden authored Father Chrysostomos committed
  7. Upgrade to threads 1.85

    Jerry D. Hedden authored Father Chrysostomos committed
  8. @craigberry
  9. @craigberry

    Plug segfault in bsd_glob() with unsupported ALTDIRFUNC flag.

    craigberry authored
    First, disable all the unsupported flags just to make sure they aren't
    triggering something they shouldn't be.  Also, zero the pglob struct
    before passing to bsd_glob(); it contains function pointers, and it's
    safest if they are null rather than containing random stack data.
    Bug reported by Clément Lecigne <>.
  10. Bump threads(::shared) versions again

    Father Chrysostomos authored
    Since these numbers have already been used for developement releases,
    they need to be changed again.  I also added a note to make sure they
    no longer get out of sync with the pod.
  11. Upgrade to threads 1.84

    Jerry D. Hedden authored Father Chrysostomos committed
  12. Upgrade to threads::shared 1.38

    Jerry D. Hedden authored Father Chrysostomos committed
Commits on Sep 2, 2011
  1. @pjacklam

    [perl #98280] Use same version number 1.997 in all .pm files.

    pjacklam authored Father Chrysostomos committed
    - For simplicity, use same version number 1.997 in all .pm files to match the
      upcoming release 1.997 of the Math-BigInt distribution.
  2. perluniprops: Add note about 'L_' being non-standard

    Karl Williamson authored
  3. utf8_heavy: Correctly handle \p{L_}

    Karl Williamson authored
    L_ is an old, discouraged but not deprecated,  synonym for LC, cased
    letters.  It was improperly being converted to simply L, all letters,
    because it is supposed to match loosely, and the trailing underscore was
    being stripped.  It needs a special case.
    Tests passed for this, as the machine generated test case happened to
    choose code points that are in both L and LC.  Also some tests were
    testing L instead of LC because of a similar flaw.
  4. perluniprops: display 2 synonyms as being discouraged

    Karl Williamson authored
    mktables was getting the display status from the overarching table,
    instead of the synonym, for display in perluniprops.
  5. Unicode::UCD: clarify pod

    Karl Williamson authored
    Add a note, and reflow, that the data structure returned by this
    function is unnecessarily complex, but is for compatibility with other
    returns that need the complexity.
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