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Branch: typed/const
Commits on Nov 19, 2012
  1. Fix t/op/coreamp.t: do not generate maybe_add_coresub for CORE::const

    Maybe later to set some variables READONLY, but then fix pp_const or provide a special CORE::const
  2. Exception for SVphv_SHAREKEYS hashes: cpan/Tie-RefHash/t/refhash.t

    SHAREKEYS hashes share the SvREADONLY flag, but need to set the keys.
  3. Fix some SvIV(ix) related PL_warn_uninit warnings

    Apparently there are some readonly lexicals already. SvIV caused warnings
Commits on Nov 16, 2012
  1. cage: cleanup tests and pod

  2. dump.c: merge part #3

  3. dump.c: merge part #2

  4. ck_pad: Add !SvIsCOW(sv) for the READONLY check

    During parsing SvREADONLY is enough, but later
    SvREADONLY(sv) && !SvIsCOW(sv) is needed to eliminate FAKE and COW flags.
      e.g. $h{xx}=1; my ($k, $v) = each %h; my $ro = $k;
    In blead however !SvIsCOW(sv) should not be needed anymore.
  5. @steve-m-hay
  6. @steve-m-hay

    Don't try to ansify the path if it is empty

    steve-m-hay authored
    Fixes a possible crash (manifested when running with the page heap enabled)
    when running after clearing PATH, which at least one test in op/taint.t
  7. @tonycoz

    under -Dusedl there are no warnings about the other dl_ functions

    tonycoz authored
    without usedl, the warnings are like:
    Subroutine DynaLoader::dl_error redefined at (eval 1) line 2
    ... warnings about every other DynaLoader function
    Subroutine DynaLoader::dl_error redefined at (eval 2) line 2
    with usedl, only dl_error is defined, so the other warnings disappear,
    since the regexp expected two new-lines between the dl_error warnings
    the test failed.
    The change makes one of the newlines optional.
  8. @tonycoz
  9. @bulk88

    save_freeop is not an expression, remove PL_Xpv

    bulk88 authored Father Chrysostomos committed
    save_freeop and SAVEFREEOP are never used in expressions only statements.
    Using PL_Xpv is never ideal. For me .text section dropped from 0xC1DFF to
    0xC1DBF after applying this.
  10. More exceptions

    Father Chrysostomos authored
  11. [perl #115742] Push a new pad for recursive DB::DB

    Father Chrysostomos authored
    When invoking the debugger recursively, pp_dbstate needs to push a new
    pad (like pp_entersub) so that DB::DB doesn’t stomp on the lexical
    variables belonging to the outer call.
Commits on Nov 15, 2012
  1. perlre: Fix syntax error in example

    Father Chrysostomos authored
  2. perlfunc: Correct note about eval in DB package

    Father Chrysostomos authored
    It’s where the subroutine is defined, not the current package,
    that matters.
    #!perl -l
    sub { my $x = 3; foo(); print $x }->();
    sub foo { package DB; eval q"$x = 42" }
    #!perl -l
    sub { my $x = 3; DB::foo(); print $x }->();
    package DB;
    sub foo { package main; eval q"$x = 42"; }
  3. Run evals four times

    Father Chrysostomos authored
    With three times we still get false positives
  4. More exceptions

    Father Chrysostomos authored
  5. @iabyn

    [MERGE] refactor pp_iter

    iabyn authored
    Refactor the code in this hot function. Chiefly, the if/else chain
    was replaced with a single switch statment, and various bits of code were
    tidied up, duplicate code eliminated, local vars added to avoid repeated
    evaluation of expressions etc; along with big whitespace changes to fix up
    indentation etc afterwards.
    With these changes, these trivial benchamarks run about 7% faster:
        $x++ for @a; # @a has 30_000 elements
        $x++ for 1..30_000;
    while this one stayed about the same, presumably due to the relatively
    costly overhead of sv_inc():
        $x++ for 'aaa' .. 'zzz';
  6. @iabyn

    pp_iter: final whitespace/comment tidy up

    iabyn authored
    reindent the LAZYSV block to be consistent with the other two;
    move the comments to be on the same line as the case statements,
    and fix the indent on the RETPUSHYES.
    Only whitespace/moving comment changes; nothing functional
  7. @iabyn
  8. @iabyn
  9. @iabyn
  10. @iabyn
  11. @iabyn
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