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Win32::API - Perl Win32 API Import Facility
Current maintainer: Cosimo Streppone <>
Original author: Aldo Calpini <>
With this module you can import and call arbitrary functions
from Win32's Dynamic Link Libraries (DLL), without having
to write an XS extension.
Note, however, that this module can't really do everything:
parameters input and output is limited to simpler cases.
In particular, when you play hard with pointers and arrays
and memory locations, there are some things that you just
can't do.
The current version of Win32::API is available at:
Here it is a short example of how you can use this module.
It just gets the PID of the current process, eg. same as Perl's
internal $$:
use Win32::API;
Win32::API->Import("kernel32", "int GetCurrentProcessId()");
$PID = GetCurrentProcessId();
Full documentation is available in POD format inside
The possibilities are nearly infinite (but not all are good :-).
Enjoy it.