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Last updated: 2012/06/05
* Review Win32::API::Struct
1) make code style consistent
2) remove warnings
3) implement test cases for the various structure types,
including compound structures, struct containing arrays,
and types non aligned to 4 bytes
4) implement a 64-bit flag, so that all word sizes are automatically
calculated as 8 bytes instead of hardwiring 4 bytes
bulk88's comments
1. callback's in parameters are similar to api's out parameter and
callback's out parameter is similar to api's in parameter, merge them
2. vararg prototype processing, whether to supply the stack pointer as an IV
or implement a Perl class with c lib va_list API IDK
3. Callback.xs needs to be eliminated, its too small to put in its own DLL
4. Use Win32's LoadLibrary and FreeLibrary instead of our own to save DLL
5. *DONE* APIPARAM needs to be a union
6. create 1 time use intra-process DLLs with Callback's function pointers in
the DLL export table?
7. create standalone DLLs that start a perl interps in the process and have
Callback's function pointers in the DLL export table?
8. stop using unpackstring in Callback, start using unpackstring in API?
9. Register user supplied callbacks for type packing/unpacking, probably
it should inspect caller() to make sure one packages/module's type callbacks
dont collide with the type callbacks of another
10. Void ** doesn't parse.
11. Callback needs more logic to be moved from runtime to constructor time.
Currently a bad type letter isn't caught until runtime, with
a croak/longjmp through the foreign C lib.
12. Multi OS threading catching stderr message isn't tested properly by
the test suite.
13. Certain calling conventions on certain platforms, pass by copy silently
becomes pass by pointer when the struct exceeds a certain size.
API/Callback's C parsing don't do this at the moment.
14. Alot of GV lookups could be cached to their pointers and kept inside
START_MY_CXT globals. On clone the pointers can be refreshed from the new
interp. I (bulk88) have done this before.
15. When using hv_fetch and hv_store, a slight performance optimization can
be obtained by the char * being passed, being exactly equal to the PV *
in the SV thats part of the HEK using the shared string table system,
and by precalculating the hash number for that string per interp.
I (bulk88) have done this before.
16. Stop installing on users computers, delete existing copies.
17. If someone asks for fastcall/thiscall on x86, add it.
18. If someone asks for MSVC C++ name demangling and supplies a patch, add it.
No reason other it being extremely extremely difficult that C++ can't be
19. On x86, add a stack pointer checker similar to runtime checks by visual
studio, requires asm code, will catch stdcall funcs called with wrong
prototype, or very broken cdecl funcs written in asm, maybe setjmp/longjmp
is of use for this idea
20. XP and newer has "Manifests" and "Activation Contexts", maybe some of that
API will have to be exposed one day in Win32::API, some DLLs such as late
2000s/2010s MS CRTs explode with error messages if they are loaded into a
process that isn't manifest compliant.
21. Enums, unions and bitfields aren't supported by Win32::API::Struct
22. convert SEH exceptions (access vio and friends) into Perl exceptions? GCC
SEH is a problem, SEH is completly different between Win32/Win64, SEH is
completly different between GCC and VC, so a total of 3 different
implementations required, GCC 64, GCC 32, and VC
23. Whats the calling convetion on WinCE or WOA? Will Perl ever run again/on
those 2 platforms?
24. Win32::API::Struct type name system is messy, struct foo * doesn't work,
struct foo doesn't work, pass by copy structs don't work
25. always UTF8 vs always bytes vs always perl scalar "internal format"
semantics aren't defined, I've never seen a force bytes or force utf8
in Win32::API, the current behaviour of Win32::API needs to be documented
on what actually is passed to the C funcs, and maybe a discussion what
should the behaviour should be (feeding UTF8 to Win32 'A' functions never
does what is intended)
26. C types aren't sanitized for whitespace in many places, non matches or
other security type bugs can come up by exploiting the lack of type name
27. Use DeviceIOControl to copy a APIPARAM array to a NT Driver that comes with
Win32::API. NT Driver will run the kernel mode function and return the
results in a APIPARAM. NT Driver is Perl License just like ::API.
28. Implement a proper OOP class for HMODULEs that is fork ok, similar to
implementation of Win32::API::Callback::HeapBlock, current fork fix for
DLLs is a hack.