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Fix for parrot 5.0: clean MANIFEST.generated

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1 parent f8568f1 commit 1c8be6f3f551953fc7709abb064c861c433d0150 Reini Urban committed Jan 7, 2013
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@@ -244,6 +244,7 @@ DOCS = README CREDITS LICENSE docs/*
*.manifest \
*.pdb \
+ MANIFEST.generated \
$(PERL6_PBC) \
$(PERL6_EXE) \

5 comments on commit 1c8be6f

Rakudo doesn't have a MANIFEST.generated file, so it shouldn't be cleaning one up.



Parrot 5.0 creates a MANIFEST.generated file in Rakudo's build dir...? What step will do that?


All parrot steps which create installable files add these generated file to a new MANIFEST.generated file in builddir.
In the rakudo case this is currently not much, only the generated dynpmc header files, created by

$ cat MANIFEST.generated 
src/pmc/pmc_perl6lexinfo.h                       [devel]include
src/pmc/pmc_perl6lexpad.h                        [devel]include
src/pmc/pmc_mdthunk.h                            [devel]include
src/pmc/pmc_ctmthunk.h                           [devel]include

I'm thinking of removing these generated lines from pmc2c and move it over to the parrot Makefile. So that this 2nd patch can be avoided. See parrot/parrot#922

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