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Revision history for Perl extension types.
0.05_04 2011-08-16 Reini Urban <>
- changed slides to YAPC::EU 2011 version
- reformat if(, Arthur=>Artur, more docs,
- B::Hooks::EndOfScope PREREQ
0.05_02 2011-06-29 rurban
- added YAPC::US 2011 slides
0.05_01 2011-02-27 rurban
- renamed float to double
- added attributes
- support B::CC compiler optimizations. see L<B::CC/TYPES>,
planned are CORE optimizations also (i_opt, ARRAY, readonly, ...)
0.05 abergman
- Added compile argument type checking, cleaned up code
- Added support for CORE::int returning type int
- Added support for return values.
- Added lexical scoping support
- Added check for redefinition of subroutines
- Expressions get return values
- Added support for numbers and strings (James Duncan)
- Allow implicit casts of
int to float
int to number
number to int
number to float
float to number
with a fatal exception if you try to cast float to int
- Allow casting all numbers to string but not back from string
- constants get types
0.01 Thu Jun 27 20:16:27 2002
- added support for int and float
- added detection of sassign
- original version; created by h2xs 1.22 with options
-n types -X