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The 32-bit version of Murmurhash3 for Common Lisp.
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Common Lisp implementation of the 32-bit variant of MurmurHash3, "a fast non-crytographic hashing algorithm."

Use murmurhash to get the hash of an object:

 (murmurhash:murmurhash "Hash me")
 => 841354010

You may want to test the system to determine that the algorithm is implemented correctly for your platform:

(asdf:test-system "cl-murmurhash")

If you want to use a different seed, you can bind the special variable *default-seed*, or pass a keyword argument:

 (murmurhash:murmurhash "Hash me" :seed *new-seed*)

The size of the hash is controlled by *hash-size*, which can be bound to 32 (the default) or 128.

There are two utilities for perfect hashing. make-perfect-seed takes a list of objects and tries to find a seed that hashes them all without collisions. make-perfect-hash-function does the same, but returns a partial application of murmurhash instead of the seed itself.

Note: finding a perfect seed is usually fast but nothing guarantees success, or success in a reasonable amount of time.

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