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Common Lisp client for the Stripe payment system
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NB: This implements an older version (2013-12-03) of the Stripe API. It still works, but it lacks support for (among other things, presumably) the Product model.

CL-STRIPE-CLIENT is a boring Common Lisp client for the Stripe payment system. It closely follows the Java version of the official Stripe client, including its test suite. It can be used against the Stripe documentation, with a few caveats.

  • Configuration uses dynamic variables: in particular, you must set or bind *api-key*.

  • Static methods become functions: Charge.create becomes create-charge.

  • Except for some common methods, methods become prefixed readers: charge.card becomes (charge-card charge).

    The exceptions are id, livep, created, deletedp, description and metadata, which are common to all Stripe objects.

  • Nested alists are used for the parameter dictionaries.

Bear in mind that API objects are immutable; when you call (update-card ...), you get a different card object each time.

For example, to create a charge:

(setf stripe:*api-key* "my_api_key")

 '(("amount" . 100)
   ("currency" . "usd")
    ("number" . "4242424242424242")
    ("exp_month" . 12)
    ("exp_year" . 2015)
    ("cvc" . "123")
    ("name" . "Lisp Bindings Cardholder")
    ("address_line1" . "140 2nd Street")
    ("address_line2" . "4th Floor")
    ("address_city" . "San Francisco")
    ("address_zip" . "94105")
    ("address_state" . "CA")
    ("address_country" ."USA"))))

The test suite contains plenty of examples.

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