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A minimal template for remote application testing with rspec and capybara
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Remote Application Testing Template

This template can be used as the minimal base for testing remote applications. It uses a combination of Rspec and Capybara to do the testing.

Inspired by . Use that if you wish to use cucumber scenarios instead of rspec

Getting started

git clone git://
cd remote-capybara-rspec-template
bundle install
bundle exec rake spec


All the setup is done inside spec_helper.rb and the specs are inside the spec directory (and sub-directories). RSpec expects to find files that have a *_spec.rb naming format.

Modifications you might want to try are:

  • If you have access to the remote site's database then include active_record (Or your ORM/ODM of choice), factory_girl and database_cleaner and automatically setup test data.
  • If selenium is not for you, what about some other drivers like capybara-webkit?
  • Add some output options to a .rspec file (colours, formatters etc.)

This template was extracted from an automated test suite for a remote .Net application which used all of the above, so it is possible.

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