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node-tileserver Changelog

(all changes without author notice are by @rurseekatze

0.3 (18.08.2014)

  • Various minor bugfixes that caused uncaughtExceptions and restart of processes
  • Avoid cutted icons at tile bounds by extending the requested bbox by some pixels
  • Added missing event emitter for faster rendering of tiles in the queue
  • Added MapCSS parameter to ignore layer tag
  • Added support for MapCSS concat method to KothicJS
  • Async isExpired() method
  • Fixed problems with initial rendering script #3
  • More performant loading of icons
  • Improved performance of database queries
  • Correct process exit
  • Moved hardcoded tag filters to configuration
  • Included modified copy of KothicJS, removed patches
  • Closed memory leaks
  • Refactoring
  • Code cleanup
  • Better documentation

0.2 (16.02.2014)

  • Moved tile expiring to separate script
  • Added some config parameters for a more efficient tile expiring
  • Moved initial rendering to separate script for security and performance reasons
  • Some minor bugfixes

0.1 (22.01.2014)

  • Moved current development stage from OpenRailwayMap to separate repository, see OpenRailwayMap repository for the past development
  • First stable and usable version
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