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1a) As of June 2019, rusEfi has a LOT of potential but probably is pretty far from being easily usable and pretty far from being easy to use.

1c) As of June 2019, only 4 to 6 vehicles TOTAL have put any significant miles on rusEfi. Significant means 10 000 km per vehicle.

1e) Most of the 51 vehicles with rusEfi have driven below 10 km per vehicle.

1g) rusEfi has a number of great hardware options and reliable firmware. While reliable, the models and features of the software are extremely limited.

1i) As of 2019, rusEfi focus is on tools, infrastructure and development community.

1m) In order to get more developers to contribute to rusEfi firmware and content, rusEfi Strategy 2017 and Strategy 2018 was to provide kits and assembled units of highly flexible but large and not very cheap Frankenso board.

1s) rusEfi Strategy 2019 is to provide the community with smaller and cheaper boards. Maybe microRusEfi maybe Deucalion.

1z) it is NOT rusEfi Strategy 2019 to market rusEfi to a wide retail audience. The lack of documentation and the steep learning curve would cause a less than ideal user experience.

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