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Hellen One Platform

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Hellen One Platform

Hellen is a new take on a modular approach for rusEFI ECU - both Universal and Plug-and-Play (PNP).

A number of functional building modules were developed with the intention of easily combining those depending on the specific PCB use case, by simply interconnecting them by merging a number of reusable modules on a single PCB. 🤜🤛

Hellen One framework merges modules so that we do not have to sandwich separate PCBs.

Platform Purchase
Miata 90-95 .
Miata NB1 .
72 Pin Miata 01-05 .
121 Pin VAG Image open source
121 Pin Nissan Image
128 Pin Mercedes Image
88 Pin BMW Image
154 Pin Hyundai soon open source
**The .ini file for Hellen is loaded onto the Hellen board. 
When you plug the Hellen into your computer, a "virtual flash drive" will load up. 
The .ini file is in there. Copy to your computer and save in your TunerStudio folder, 
and link your TunerStudio definition to that file. 
When your Hellen firmware is updated, the .ini file is also updated, 
so make sure you get the latest .ini from the Hellen board after you update the firmware**


Q: Surely it would have made more sense and less effort to make one universal hardware design and produce and sell adapter looms?

A: from our experience for our tiny quantities the primary bottleneck is rusEFI manual labor. Between crimping and cases Hellen in a powder coated OEM ECU really looks like the simplest way to produce 10 units for specific vehicle.

Q: What's Hellen's role in rusEFI Mission-Statement?

A: Part of the reasoning behind developing PnP boards at this stage is attracting software developers who might know less about cars, or who just aren't ready to make the commitment of building or modifying a harness.

Q: Why so many closed source boards? Ultimately, these are to be commercial products right?

A: it's mostly an experiment really. As of October 2021 we have couple of open source boards with very little community interest and some closed source boards with a very enthusiastic dealer. We are still gathering data. It's-complicated. See also Standalone-on-Demand

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