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Cloud CLI for Humans
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Cloud CLI for Humans

Very simple cloud CLI, specifically designed for human use. Strictly forbidden for scripts' consumption :)

More information in my blog post "A Different Approach to AWS CLI"

View demo at:


Simply run:

$ pip install cch

You might need to configure AWS credentials if not configured in your system already. Just run aws configure and provide access key, secret key and region. This will keep credentials in your system in ~/.aws/config and ~/.aws/credentials files.


To use it:

$ cch --help

All commands

lsvm    - List all virtual machines
mkvm    - Create a virtual machine
stpvm   - Stop a virtual machine
rmvm    - Terminate a virtual machine

lskp    - List all keypairs
mkkp    - Create keypairs
rmkp    - Delete a keypair

lssg    - List all security groups (including a detailed view)
mksg    - Create a security group (including specifying secgroup rules)
rmsg    - Delete a security group


  • Look at notes/plan for a short list of things I had in my mind while developing this library
  • Many edge-cases haven't been taken care of right now. Feel free to submit a pull request :)
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