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Jimmy Google Maps

#This is my HappyHour Web App made with Ruby On Rails + Bootstrap and some JavaScript

Description :

How many times how you wondered where to grab a drink after work but couldn't decide where? How many times have you over paid for alcohol only to realize there was a One on One offer just a block from where you were?
Introducing HappyHour.... A realtime tracker for all bars and restaurants around you to keep track of the dynamic happy hours around you. This site allows you to view based on location and time all the bars and restaurants that have Happy Hours at that very instant so that you can plan your outing accordingly. It will also show you a comprehensive list of prices so you can compare and pick the place that best suits you.

Heroku Link for Production

Happy Hour

Current Version 1.0

  1. Initialised rails app.
  2. Commited to GitHub repo.
  3. Updated
  4. Set up Bootstrap
  5. Created User Model
  6. Created Login System (fully functional)
  7. Styled Sign Up and Log In Forms
  8. Created Bars and Offers Model
  9. Created Users and Bars relation
  10. Added Bars index
  11. Added functionality to Add / Edit / Delete Bars
  12. Added User Account settings with ability to update User details
  13. Bootstrap Forms
  14. Set up belong_to and has_many relation between Users -> Bars -> Offers
  15. Offers have been set up (fully functional)
  16. Added CarrieWave gem to upload images for Bars and Offers
  17. Added Scaled down and Thumbnail versions.
  18. Styled and organized the manage bars page better
  19. Added Number of bars displayed in navbar as well as number of offers in Manage Bar
  20. Added Search Bars for each field
  21. Changed Database from SQLite to PostgreSQL
  22. Switched from CarrierWave to Paperclip for Image Uploads
  23. Setup AWS for image uploads
  24. Set Default images if people dont upload images for bars and / or offers.
  25. Added Google Maps Api to the Maps Page.
  26. Added Responsive Elements for Mobile + Tablet use
  27. Added Pagination
  28. Added Glyphicons
  29. Fixed Precompiling errors
  30. Added Contact Form (non functional)

  1. Complete Contact Form
  2. Connect Yelp Api
  3. Auto Populate Google Maps Marker when new bar is added

Known Bugs
  1. Contact form non functional

Pivotal Tracker

Project Management

Wireframe Wireframe

Data Model [Updated] Data Model

Data Model [Old] Data Model

###Made by Rushindra Sinha

Special Credits
  1. Glenn for helping me with my routing issues and other stuff in general
  2. Jimmy for helping me with Google Maps API
  3. Shawn for being there overall