This is a game based on the Logic of Tic-Tac-Toe Using World Of Warcraft References
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#This is the GitHub Repo for GA Project 01 [Tic Tac Toe / T3]

  1. Fully Functional 2 player Game of Tic Tac Toe or Alliance - A-Tac - Horde (World Of Warcraft Edition)
  2. Win / Tie Voice Over Done by Rushi Sinha
  3. Added a Background Video which autoplays on page load
  4. Synced with Firebase (Turn Counter, Score, Pieces)
  5. Works Fine So Far.

Known Bugs
  1. On Game End only 1 screen shows victory (the screen that won) [Need to Sync the victory images to firebase]
  2. Game Crashes sometimes when playing too quick [Might be related to Tie Logic]
  3. Click Sounds are local and need to be synced to firebase to become global.

Please Report Any Further Bugs

Online Playable Link for Game

Alliance A-Tac Horde

Here is the Wireframe

Version 0.1 [Wireframe Version] Wireframe Version

Version 0.9 [Beta Version] Beta Version

Version 1.0 [Current Version] Current Version

###Made by Rushindra Sinha