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#This is a Functional ToDo List App

Current Build
  1. Functional ToDo App
  2. New Tasks can be added
  3. Tasks can be deleted
  4. Tasks can be marked as done
  5. Counter for Tasks Remaining and Tasks Completed
  6. Header Shows Total Number of Tasks (Completed or Not)
  7. Added Feature so that New Tasks are First on the list
  8. Added ng-pluralize directive to ensure proper grammar depending on number of tasks
  9. Added commented function that uses ng-hide to hide task when completed (checked)
  10. Added Feature that adds new tasks to the top of the list instead of the bottom

Additional Features (Still to be implemented)
  1. Create a backend database so the ToDo tasks get stored
  2. Fix Blank Task Being Added when Submit Button pressed
  3. Push to Heroku and make it Public
  4. Make ToDo Responsive for Mobile & Tablet Viewing
  5. Add Prompt to ask name and greet header "Hey " + name + "You've got () Things to do"
  6. Need to write ng-show and create a button to Toggle Show / Hide Completed (done) tasks
  7. Need to create function to Display the date and time that each task was created
  8. Need to refactor the function for remaining to completed todo list to make better use of the counter function.

###Made by Rushindra Sinha