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basic iptables control via nodejs
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Forked version of npm 'iptables' package with the ability to specify a table when listing rules.

This is a node.js module for controlling iptables. It's very basic just for
what we need at

It was written by Peteris Krumins (, @pkrumins on twitter).
His blog is at  --  good coders code, great reuse.


Here is an example usage:

    var iptables = require('iptables');

        protocol : tcp,
        src : '',
        dport : 34567,
        sudo : true

        protocol : 'tcp',
        dport : 34567,
        sudo : true

This allows connections to port 34567 from and drops connections from
the same port from everyone else.


Ps. I once wrote an article on iptables on my blog, check it out:

Peteris Krumins (twitter: @pkrumins)

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