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Contributing to Rusoto

General information

Any contribution intentionally submitted for inclusion in the work by you shall be licensed under the MIT license, without any additional terms or conditions.

Pull requests (PRs) should follow these guidelines:

  • Include an entry in the CHANGELOG.
  • Generated code should be included in the PR. Putting the codegen changes in a separate commit is preferred.
  • Tests are highly encouraged.

The project follows the code of conduct as specified in CODE_OF_CONDUCT.

Setting up the build environment (only needed once)

See minimum version of Rust required in README.

Check out code from GitHub.

Set up AWS credentials: environment variables (export AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID and AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY), populate the ~/.aws/credentials file, or use an IAM instance profile on an EC2 instance.

Rusoto codegen depends on botocore. Update the git submodule via:

cd rusoto
git submodule init
git submodule update

You are now ready to build the project with cargo build. Remember to include the appropriate feature flags for the AWS services you want to use. See for a table of available services and their Cargo feature names.

Building after initial setup

Build the project with cargo build.

Integration tests can be executed by running cargo test --features FEATURE, where FEATURE is one or more space-separated Cargo features to test as defined in Cargo.toml. Each AWS service has a Cargo feature to enable it. The feature "all" can be used to test all supported services. The integration tests will create real AWS resources and you may be charged. To run only the in-crate unit tests, which don't call out to AWS, include the --lib option to cargo test.

For more verbose test output, you can run cargo test --verbose --features FEATURE -- --nocapture.

Rust code generation from boto core service definitions:

See the README in the service_crategen subcrate.


Instructions on clippy's homepage have details on how to install and run. A nightly version of Rust is required. To get the latest nightly version of Rust and switch to it, you can run:

rustup update && rustup default nightly

To run clippy against the checked-in code, assuming nightly Rust is used:

cargo build --no-default-features --features nightly-testing

To run clippy against the generated code as well as the checked-in code, assuming nightly Rust is used:

rustup run nightly cargo build --features "nightly-testing all"

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