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change Banglades to Bangladesh
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2 parents f3265b9 + 3c271b5 commit 1f6031075232d674d5492589c5794d195d83ea3b @russ committed Jan 8, 2013
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  1. +1 −1 lib/country_code_select/countries.rb
2 lib/country_code_select/countries.rb
@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@ module CountryCodeSelect
module Countries
COUNTRIES = [["Afghanistan", "AF"], ["Albania", "AL"], ["Algeria", "DZ"], ["American Samoa", "AS"], ["Andorra", "AD"], ["Angola", "AO"],
["Anguilla", "AI"], ["Antarctica", "AQ"], ["Antigua and Barbuda", "AG"], ["Argentina", "AR"], ["Armenia", "AM"], ["Aruba", "AW"],
- ["Australia", "AU"], ["Austria", "AT"], ["Azerbaidjan", "AZ"], ["Bahamas", "BS"], ["Bahrain", "BH"], ["Banglades", "BD"], ["Barbados", "BB"],
+ ["Australia", "AU"], ["Austria", "AT"], ["Azerbaidjan", "AZ"], ["Bahamas", "BS"], ["Bahrain", "BH"], ["Bangladesh", "BD"], ["Barbados", "BB"],
["Belarus", "BY"], ["Belgium", "BE"], ["Belize", "BZ"], ["Benin", "BJ"], ["Bermuda", "BM"], ["Bolivia", "BO"], ["Bosnia-Herzegovina", "BA"],
["Botswana", "BW"], ["Bouvet Island", "BV"], ["Brazil", "BR"], ["British Indian O. Terr.", "IO"], ["Brunei Darussalam", "BN"], ["Bulgaria", "BG"],
["Burkina Faso", "BF"], ["Burundi", "BI"], ["Buthan", "BT"], ["Cambodia", "KH"], ["Cameroon", "CM"], ["Canada", "CA"], ["Cape Verde", "CV"],

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