TTY Persist is an LD_PRELOAD library that hides the disconnection of serial devices.
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---------------- ttypersist --------------------

:Usage: TTYS=/dev/ttyUSB0:/dev/ttyUSB1 <program>


TTY Persist provides an application a fake socket whenever it opens a tty in the
TTYS list. In a separate thread, the tty is opened and data is passed to the
fake socket so long as the tty is available. If the tty is not available, writes
to the fake socket will be dropped, and the socket will not return data on

TTY Persist will also save the termios struct across connect/disconnect events
and reapply it on reconnect. IOCTLs on the fake socket will forward to the real
device if connected. If the device is disconnected, termios data will be saved
in the case of writes to the termios struct, and saved termios data will be
returned in the case of reads.

TTY Persist attempts to re-open the device every 250ms if it is not available.