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Last Updated Dec 2009
Main Developers
Steven Dake Maintainer, totem implementation, evs, cfg,
logsys, service engine architecture, ipc system
poll, timers, objdb, hdb, sync, coroapi
Christine Caulfield cpg, cfg, quorum, confdb, totem ipv6 support, totem NSS
Fabien Thomas OS portability, BSD port
Hans Feldt logging inspiration
Angus Salkeld objdb, static code analysis cleanup, statistics
Lon Hohberger logsys
Fabio Di Nitto automake, pkgconfig, logsys, config, distro release
Jim Meyering automake, sanitizing APIs, warnings removal
Andrew Beekhof automake, integration with Pacemaker
Dave Teigland cpg specification, integration with cluster3
Jan Friesse cpg, sam
Jérôme Flesch BSD portability
Significant credit belongs in our large vibrant community members, who are
unfortunately too numerous to list. Your tireless effort in testing, deploying,
and providing bug reports of our community driven software model shows that
open source can make a difference and produces better software.
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