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Grenade is an OpenStack test harness to exercise the upgrade process between releases. It uses DevStack to perform an initial OpenStack install and as a reference for the final configuration.

While the initial incarnation of Grenade is written to upgrade from Essex to Folsom it needs to be generalized for future releases.

# Goals

  • Install base Essex OpenStack using stable/essex DevStack
  • Perform basic testing (
  • Create some non-default configuration to use as a conversion reference
  • Install base Folsom (trunk) DevStack to support the upgrades
  • Run upgrade scripts preserving (running?) instances and data

# Terminology

Grenade has two DevStack installs present and distinguished between then as 'work' and 'trunk'.

  • Work: The initial install that is will be upgraded.
  • Trunk: The reference install of trunk OpenStack (maybe just DevStack)

# Install Grenade

Grenade knows how to install a current release of itself using the included setup-grenade script. The only argument is the hostname of the target system that will run the upgrade testing.

./setup-grenade testbox

Grenade includes for DevStack that is used to customize its behaviour for use with Grenade. By default setup-grenade will set HOST_IP and DEST when copying it to the Grenade DevStack direcotry.

Grenade also uses devstack.localrc if it exists; it is appended to localrc in each of the DevStack environments as the final overriding configuration. Grenade does not supply this file and will not overwrite it if it exists.

# Prepare For An Upgrade

./ installs DevStack for the Work release (Essex) and runs its This is roughly the equivalent to:

grenade/prep-work cd /opt/stack/devstack.essex ./ grenade/setup-javelin ./ # dump databases to $DEST/save grenade/prep-trunk grenade/upgrade-packages grenade/upgrade-devstack grenade/upgrade-keystone grenade/upgrade-glance grenade/upgrade-nova grenade/upgrade-volume

The Trunk release (Folsom) of DevStack is installed in a different directory from the Work release.

While the Work release is running an imaginary Javelin tenant is configured to populate the databases with some non-default content:


Set up the javelin credentials with javelinrc.

# Testing Upgrades

The upgrade-* scripts are the individual components of the DevStack/Grenade upgrade process. They typically stop any running processes, checkout updated sources, migrate the database, any other tasks that need to be done then start the processes in screen.

These scripts are written to be idmpotent.