Architect infrastructure on AWS using YAML
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Architect infrastructure on AWS using YAML.

Botoform provides tools to manage the lifecycle of related AWS resources. We use a simple YAML schema to document resources and infrastructure. The YAML schema has self documenting qualities and works with version control.

The tools use the YAML architecture to create and manage environments. Botoform allows reproduction of any environment, no matter how complex.

Botoform abstracts and enriches the Boto3 and Botocore projects.


We use Sphinx and host the full documentation at


The Quickstart Guide will teach you how to setup your aws credential config file and create and destroy a real test VPC using botoform.

Schema Reference

The full YAML Schema Reference documentation is in progress.

For now please look here for examples:


What about CloudFormation?
I couldn't figure out how to use CloudFormation and I think that is a problem... Botoform will not support all the things that CloudFormation does, and at times it will be opinionated to keep things simple, usable, and understandable.
What about Terraform?
Terraform focuses on many different cloud providers, and uses hashicorp configuration language. Botoform will focus only on AWS, and uses YAML + Jinja2 configuration. Ideally Botoform will be easier to use and more feature/service complete then Terraform for AWS.