Just a vagrantfile and cookbook for bootstrapping my webdev with mochiweb
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My bootstrap env for basic erlang webdevelopment. This is small scale stuff. It creates a mochiweb skeleton app. It uses rebar for building and dependancy management. The site is a basic site with ErlyDtl for templating and erlgmail for sending mail.

It is for that standard brochure site with contact form, but you can do what you like with it. There is nothing smart like url dispatching, have a look in <>/src/<>_web.erl for path handling.

I use Vagrant for development, you should too.

You will beed to have VirtualBox installed. Get 3.2.8 from Oracle here.

Then install Vagrant

 gem install vagrant

To get the box, run

vagrant box add base http://files.vagrantup.com/lucid32.box

then clone this repo

 git clone git://github.com/russelldb/mochstrap.git

then run (this will take AGES since it installs nginx, some dev libs, erlang (from source) and then the rebar_templates. Patience. Once it is done you don't need to do it again. You can even package the resulting box and use it as the base of future projects.)

vagrant up


vagrant ssh


cd /vagrant
./rebar create template=mochi appid=mywebapp nodeid=mywebapp erlgmail_usr=you@gmail.com erlgmail_pass=yourpassword erlgmail_to=your@emailaddress.com

then ./rebar get-deps chmod +x start_dev.sh ./start_dev.sh

then point your browser at and see your running erlang web dev bootstrap. Edit code in apps/mywebapp/src

edit templates and static content in


when you are happy

./rebar generate

then package up the


directory and drop on your target linux host (like say slicehost)

see http://russelldb.github.com for a blog on all this.