Some templates to make web dev set up faster/easier
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Some rebar templates to create a bare minimum mochiweb web app. Work in progress

To get started clone this repo

git clone git://
mkdir new_web_proj
cd new_web_proj
ln -s ../rebar_templates/templates .templates
./rebar create template=mochi appid=myweb nodeid=myweb
./rebar get-deps compile
chmod +x

Then code, code, code. Add templates to rel/overlay/site/templates. Add static to rel/overlay/site/www. Add erlang to apps/myweb/src. When you compile your .erl it will be reloaded by reloader. When you add or change templates they will be compiled by tempile.

When you are happy with your app

./rebar generate
chmod +x rel/myweb/bin/myweb
cd rel/myweb
bin/myweb console or bin/myweb start

and test it some more

when you want to release

cd rel
tar cvf myweb.tar myweb/

and deploy the tar to that same architecture


  • Add vagrant support so that we can have a dev and deploy env to play with and test on