Python scripts to import a GTFS dataset into a basic MySQL database.
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GTFS MySQL Importer

Author: Tom Lee (, changes by Russell Porter ( adding support for TransLink GTFS, and a cleaner import procedure


This is a simple set of python scripts that will import a GTFS dataset into a lightweight MySQL database. The work is based on Washington, DC's WMATA GTFS dataset, and has not been thoroughly checked for completeness against the GTFS spec -- some optional fields or tables may not currently be supported (but should be trivial to add).

In addition to the GTFS fields, a number of columns have been created to assist in the conversion of GTFS's string-based date/time representations to more useful Unix timestamp-style second counts.



wget (Mac installer)


MySQLdB (Python module), run: easy_install MySQL-python


  1. Check sql_better/load.sql IMPORT DATA INFILE, and change the column order to match those of the CSV files you are importing
  2. Edit with your MySQL server info
  3. Run sh ./ in your command line


  • GTFS Transfer import
  • Automatically match CSV columns