Simple and quick feedback/survey form to gather data from your users.
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Multi step survey/feedback form. Uses radio and checkbox buttons to gather survey type feedback or basic customer infomation to self identify services or proudcts needed. Simply add your questions to the markup, add resposes to 'data' atrributes (optional).

How to use

  1. Include dependencies (jQuery & jQuery Validate).
<script src="path/to/cdn/or/local/jquery"></script>
<script src="path/to/jquery.validate.min.js"></script>
  1. Include quick.survey.js.
<script src="path/to/quick.survey.js"></script>
  1. Creat your markup...


  1. Create a form element.
<form action="path/to/action" method="post">
	<!-- Form parts will go here -->
  1. Create form-parts in your form. Use as many form-parts as needed.
<div id="p1" class="form-part">
	<!-- Form fields will go here -->
  1. Add your questions, add form-field--question to the parent element. Make sure to add a unique id to the parent element, this will be used to generate the unquie name attribute of the rendered input. Use as many form-field--questions as needed for you use case in each form-part.
<div id="q1" class="form-field--question">
	<p>This is an example survey question with an aboslute answer, three options and required?</p>

Question Types

By default you can set up simple yes, no, unsure questions by just using Step 3 above. Create an element, give it a class of form-field--question. Thes questions use radio inputs - only one answer allowed.

<div id="q1" class="form-field--question">
	<p>This is an example survey question with an aboslute answer, three options and required?</p>

You can also have a question with multiple answers available to the user (check all that apply type of question). Use class of form-field--question-multi, then add a data-option attribute. Add your desired options to the data-option attribute separated by a comma. These questions use checkbox inputs to allow multiple answers.

<div id="q1" class="form-field form-field--question-multi" data-option="Option one, Option two, Option three">
	<p>This is an example question that will allow multiple answers, as checkboxes?</p>

Form navigation

Set up the form navigation (next, back, submit). The submit input will automatically show up on the last form-part detected.

<div class="form-navigation">
	<!-- Go Back -->
    <a href="#" class="previous">Go back</a>
    <!-- Next Section -->
    <a href="#" class="next button">Continue</a>
    <!-- Submit -->
    <input type="submit" class="button" id="submit" name="submit" value="Submit for review">

Form submission

I didn't set up a default form action, you can do what you will with the data that fits your use case. Simply set up your form action in language of choice, and add it to the form action.


See the basic functionality here.