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Updated README for Tag feature

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@@ -20,13 +20,13 @@ This is still being developed, but the main features are:
- Capture the message from any 'Write-*Log' function and process it as required
- Set an XML file as the resource to extract messages from using an EventId
- Process all messages as an object by calling 'Get-Messages' - useful to send to a different location such as Elastic Search.
+ - Set a Tag to be applied to all messages that are logged - this does not apply to messages that are displayed on screen.
## To Do
The following is a list of the things that are left to do, but it is probably not exhaustive:
- Not all the 'Write-' commands are supported yet. Only Write-Host and Write-Verbose are
- - Add ability to add a global parameter for a log tag or prefix
- Log levels are currently linked to the appropriate 'Write-' command, however there maybe times when the 'Write-Host' function is required but with a different level and therefore differnt colour coding.
- Add comment based help to all the exported functions

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