Rails 3.1+ compatible Application Template based on the HTML5 Boilerplate project
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A fully Rails 3.1+ compliant application template used to setup a new Rails app using Paul Irish's HTML5 Boilerplate (http://html5boilerplate.com/)
This template can be considered an upgrade of the Rails 3.0.x application template found here: https://github.com/russfrisch/Rails-HTML5-Boilerplate-Template

How to Use

Run directly from github:
rails new <appname> -m https://github.com/russfrisch/h5bp-rails/raw/master/h5bp.rb

Can also be applied to an existing project, but will need some integration by hand:
rake rails:template LOCATION=https://github.com/russfrisch/h5bp-rails/raw/master/h5bp_apply.rb

What This Template Does

  1. Downloads HTML5 Boilerplate index.html and merges it with the default application.html.erb Rails generates.
  2. Downloads HTML5 Boilerplate style.css and merges it with the default application.css Rails generates.
  3. Downloads a version of the HTML5 Boilerplate plugins.js converted to CoffeeScript
  4. Downloads HTML5 Boilerplate misc. assets: icons, .htaccess, etc.
  5. Updates Gemfile to include Modernizr-Rails which provides the Modernizr.js dependency HTML5 Boilerplate uses.

Push Requests

If there is anything that can be done better or you would like to see tweaked, please send me a push request.