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MicroPython LCD Driver in Python

This is a fork of devbis' st7789py_mpy module from

This driver has support for:

  • 320x240, 240x240, 135x240, and 128x128 pixel and other displays
  • RGB and BGR Color Orders
  • Display rotation
  • Hardware based scrolling
  • Drawing text using converted PC BIOS bitmap fonts
  • Drawing text using converted TrueType fonts.
  • Drawing converted bitmaps

This is a work in progress. Documentation can be found in the docs directory and at


See the examples directory for example programs that run on:

  • ESP32

    • Generic ESP32 320x240
    • LilyGo T-DISPLAY 135x240
    • LilyGo T-Dongle-S3 80x160 (ST7735)
    • LilyGo T-embed 170x320
    • LILYGO T-QT Pro 128x128 (GC9107)
    • M5STACK AtomS3 128x128 (GC9107)
    • M5STACK CORE2 320x240 (ILI9342)
    • M5STACK CORE 320x240 (ILI9342)
    • M5STACK CoreS3 320x240 (ILI9342)
  • RP2040

    • LilyGo T-DISPLAY RP2040 135x240
    • RP2040-Touch-LCD-1.28 240x240 (GC9A01)
    • Waveshare Pico LCD 1.14 135x240
    • Waveshare Pico LCD 1.3 240x240
    • Waveshare Pico LCD 2 240x320