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Full-stack Hello World for Kotlin Multiplatform
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A full-stack hello world for Kotlin Multiplatform

Project Structure

This project consists of four gradle modules as well as an xcode project. It was developed using Intellij IDEA but is probably usable from Android Studio as well.


This is the central module which is included in both server and client. It consists of a Message class which is serializable by kotlinx-serialization.


This is a simple Ktor server running on the Netty engine with a single endpoint /message, which outputs a Message object serialized to JSON.

The gradle task run will deploy the server to localhost on port 8080.


This consumes the shared module and contains shared mobile code. It includes an ApiClient class with a method to query the /message endpoint using the Ktor http client, as well as a top-level function hello() which provides a callback interface and rudimentary error-handling.


This is an Android project consuming the :shared-mobile module. It contains a single activity which calls the hello() function and displays its output in UI.

The Android app can be built by creating and running an Android run configuration in IDEA


The iOS code lives in shared-mobile/xcodeproj. It makes use of the xcode-compat gradle plugin which generates the gradle task needed to sync the :shared-mobile output framework to Xcode.

It includes a ViewController which calls the hello() function and renders its output to screen.

The iOS code can be modified or built by opening shared-mobile/xcodeproj/Shared.xcodeproj in Xcode.


Unit tests exist for the :shared, :shared-mobile, and :server modules. They can be run using the gradle task check. You may need to clean as well in order to re-run tests if no code-changes have happened.

Known issues

  • The iosTest task in shared-mobile is currently commented-out due to build errors.
  • The IDE doesn't recognize that :shared is on the :server classpath.
  • The IDE has trouble recognizing the generated R class in the :android module.
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