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Sasha's CV builder

This is the tool I use to generate the CV at It's a complete one-off tool that is not meant for general use, only for me.


Make a Python virtualenv and install the dependencies:

$ pip install -r requirements.txt

You must also install LESS so that lessc is available in your path.

Building the site

$ ./ data.yaml

The output goes into the out/ directory. To have the builder run any time any of the input files are changed:

$ ./

Setting up backend infrastructure

Install Terraform, then copy sample.tfvars to prod.tfvars (or any other name) and fill in with your AWS credentials. (Alternatively, authenticate through the AWS CLI.) After that, run:

$ cd infrastructure
$ terraform init
$ terraform apply -var-file=prod.tfvars

Copying to S3

Copy sample.env to .env and input your AWS credentials. (Again, you can instead log in with the CLI.) After building, to upload the output files to an S3 bucket, run:

$ ./