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Splash CMS


Splash CMS currently requires Railo 3 or higher or ColdFusion 8 or higher.
You will need either Apache or IIS rewrite module to use the friendly url support


  1. Unzip the archive to the root of your webserver
  2. Create a MySQL or MSSQL database named whatever you want
  3. Open the Railo web-admin or ColdFusion admin and add a DSN for the database you created.
  4. Open config/environment.cfm and set the appropriate enivronment for your install
  5. Open the directory for your environment under the config directory. Rename the settings_sample.cfm file for that environment to settings.cfm ie, design/settings.cfm, production/settings.cfm and edit your datasource setting.
  6. Use the DBMigration Plugin to “migrate” your site (will create all tables and insert the initial data)
  7. Open the Splash Admin and login. (http://yourwebroot/admin) Default username is ‘admin’ and password is ‘splash’
  1. Start building your site!