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This repository

CFML based CMS built on CFWheels. Designed to be extremely simple and elegant.

tag: 0.1.3

Splash CMS


Splash CMS currently requires Railo 3 or higher or ColdFusion 8 or higher.


  1. Unzip the archive to the root of your webserver
  2. Create a MySQL or MSSQL database named whatever you want (db scripts included in the INSTALL folder)
  3. Open the Railo web-admin or ColdFusion admin and add a DSN for the database you created.
  4. Open config/environment.cfm and set the appropriate enivronment for your install
  5. Open the directory for your environment. Rename the settings_sample.cfm file for that environment to settings.cfm ie, design/settings.cfm, production/settings.cfm and edit your datasource setting.
  6. Open the Splash Admin and login. (http://yourwebroot/admin) Default username is ‘admin’ and password is ‘splash’
  7. Start building your site!
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