An angular implementation of the set game:
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A simple set game for now.

I'd love to see this get up to MMO status.

To play:

grunt serve

Then navigate to localhost:3000/game.

You might need an npm install, i've seen a missing dependency a few times, but that clears it right up ;)


  • tutorial/walkthrough option for noobs

  • general flow control

  • create acct

  • how fast can you finish x cards mode - setting options

  • how many sets in x seconds mode - setting options

  • play online in either mode

  • css for card.count property

  • refactor css to use a preprocessor - less or styl, please

  • it looks a right mess at the moment

  • animations for transitions, selecting cards, finding sets, adding cards, etc.

  • users - all sets, all scores, all stats!

  • recording games, sets, etc.

  • handle multiple players via

  • create and share sessions

  • online features: some kind of animation around finding a set, or maybe notification that someone else "called" it

  • "calling" it and quick countdown - punishment if wrong/not clicked on time.

  • high scores/leaderboards

  • oauth (passport.js?)


  • refactor into controller files that make sense
  • add grunt for server, tests, build, auto-refresh
  • handle asking for more cards
  • node server
  • build smart logic (aware of winning sets on the board, penalizes score for asking for more cards when they are available)
  • playable x number of cards game - displays sets, score, time on gameOver
  • add number dimension to each card and logic