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; create a new namespace and import
(ns russ (:import
; Now I can refer to it as just File instead of
; Make a new File, dot goes at the end, double quotes
(File. "/etc")
; Bind the new file object to a name
(def x (File. "/etc"))
; Now you can list all the files (java api)
(.listFiles x)
; Turn this from a java array to a sequence
(seq (.listFiles x) )
; Or you can see if this file is a directory (java api)
(.isFile x)
; Turn that into a function
(defn file? [f] (.isFile f))
; You can also get the file length
(.length x)
; turn that into a function
(defn file-len [f] (.length f))
; Map - call a function on all elements of a seq
(map file? (.listFiles x))
; Also do it with file lengths
(map file-len (.listFiles x))
; But the length of directories doesn't make much sense, but we can use filter!
(filter file? (.listFiles x))
; Now we can get the list of file lengths
(map file-len (filter file? (.listFiles x)))
; We can use reduce to add them all together
(reduce + (map file-len (filter file? (.listFiles x))))
; The turn this into a function
(defn total-length [f]
(reduce + (map file-len (filter file? (.listFiles f)))))