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@@ -91,6 +91,8 @@ The clj script and executable are designed to be very simple for beginners to us
Dejour is also location independant. It will run out of wherever you decide to unpack it -- no environment variables required. The only external dependancy that Dejour has is on Java: It assumes that there is a java command in your path, or that JAVA_HOME is set. If you have both, JAVA_HOME wins.
+Finally, the clj script has some support for Cygwin, but I would welcome feedback from any Cygwin users out there.
h2. Contributors
Dejour was created by "Russ Olsen": and is, of course, based on Clojure, clojure-contrib and JLine. Much of the clj script was hamelessly stolen from the Jruby startup script, Also borrowed some code from Mark Reid's clj script. Thanks to Fogus for some help with the README file.

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