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Eloquent Ruby Source Code
This is the source code from Russ Olsen's book Eloquent Ruby.
In this repo you will find all of the source code from the
book, organized by chapters.
Because the code here was written to be included in a book,
it is organized a little differently than the garden variety
Ruby project:
* The code for each chapter is in a directory whose name
corresponds to that chapter. Thus the code for Chapter 7
is in a directory named `07`.
* In each chapter directory you will find one or more *_spec.rb
files. These are rspec file (See Chapter 9) which drive execution
of the code. To run all of the examples, make your current directory
the very top of the repo and run `rake`. To run the code in an
individual directory, `cd` into that directory and run `rake`.
To run an individual spec file, `cd` to the appropriate directory
and run:
rspec -I . <the file>
* Note that the `Rakefile`s run `rspec` over and over, once
for each spec file. This is generally *not* what you would
do in a normal Ruby project - normally you would run everything
in a directory in one swoop: `rspec .`. The thing is that many
of the examples from the book will construct a class and then
change it and then change it again. This is great for explaining
but means that you have to carefully isolate each example.