Rails 3 - Relevance Style
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Rails 3 Relevance Style. This means the following:

  • HAML and SCSS for your view layer
  • Rspec 2 for specs, with focused specs configured out of the box
  • Factory Girl for test data
  • Mocha installed and configured for mocking inside RSpec

Getting Started

First, clone new-world-order locally:

git clone http://github.com/relevance/new-world-order

Then, generate your new application using the template file:

rails new my-app -m new-world-order/template.rb

To use your database of choice, use the built in -d switch to the rails command. New World Order's generated Gemfile will properly respect your database of choice. For Postgres, we reach into your database.yml and make the username postgres (instead of your application name, which the Rails generator does by default).

rails new my-postgres-app -d postgresql -m new-world-order/template.rb

NOTE: You can give the rails command a URL for the template, but due to changes in how Github requires SSL for all urls, and how Net::HTTP verifies SSL in Ruby 1.9+, you now need to clone the template locally first. You can see the issue here for more info:



Ruby 1.9.3 still has some issues, so you may want to downgrade to the latest Ruby 1.9.2, especially if you are on Passenger. Passenger 3.0.10 should fix the issue - see the details here: http://code.google.com/p/phusion-passenger/issues/detail?id=714

Feedback and Other Items

  • Check out the TODO list for our ideas
  • Use Github issues for bugs