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Rust RPC client for Bitcoin Core JSON-RPC

This is a Rust RPC client library for calling the Bitcoin Core JSON-RPC API. It provides a layer of abstraction over rust-jsonrpc and makes it easier to talk to the Bitcoin JSON-RPC interface

This git package compiles into two crates.

  1. bitcoincore-rpc - contains an implementation of an rpc client that exposes the Bitcoin Core JSON-RPC APIs as rust functions.

  2. bitcoincore-rpc-json - contains rust data structures that represent the json responses from the Bitcoin Core JSON-RPC APIs. bitcoincore-rpc depends on this.


Given below is an example of how to connect to the Bitcoin Core JSON-RPC for a Bitcoin Core node running on localhost and print out the hash of the latest block.

It assumes that the node has password authentication setup, the RPC interface is enabled at port 8332 and the node is set up to accept RPC connections.

extern crate bitcoincore_rpc;

use bitcoincore_rpc::{Auth, Client, RpcApi};

fn main() {

    let rpc = Client::new("http://localhost:8332".to_string(),
                          Auth::UserPass("<FILL RPC USERNAME>".to_string(),
                                         "<FILL RPC PASSWORD>".to_string())).unwrap();
    let best_block_hash = rpc.get_best_block_hash().unwrap();
    println!("best block hash: {}", best_block_hash);

See client/examples/ for more usage examples.

Supported Bitcoin Core Versions

The following versions are officially supported and automatically tested:

  • 0.18.0
  • 0.18.1
  • 0.19.1
  • 0.20.0
  • 0.20.1
  • 0.21.0

Minimum Supported Rust Version (MSRV)

This library should always compile with any combination of features on Rust 1.29.

Because some dependencies have broken the build in minor/patch releases, to compile with 1.29.0 you will need to run the following version-pinning command:

cargo update --package "cc" --precise "1.0.41"
cargo update --package "log:0.4.x" --precise "0.4.13" # x being the highest patch version
cargo update --package "cfg-if" --precise "0.1.9"
cargo update --package "unicode-normalization" --precise "0.1.9"
cargo update --package "serde_json" --precise "1.0.39"
cargo update --package "serde" --precise "1.0.98"
cargo update --package "serde_derive" --precise "1.0.98"
cargo update --package "byteorder" --precise "1.3.4"


Rust RPC client library for the Bitcoin Core JSON-RPC API.



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