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Rust BR Blog template for Gutenberg


  • A kind of i18n for base words as: "Next", "Previous", "Pages", "Categories"
  • Blog Title and Logo on extra configurations
  • Auto-sidebar links by configuration
  • Simple design based on Medium
  • SEO using structured data and another features


blog_logo="/imgs/common/logo.png" #will appear on top header
blog_title="rust::br::Blog" #will appear on top header after logo

## i18n words
label_tags = "Tags"
label_tag = "Tag"
label_categories = "Categorias"
label_category = "Categoria"
label_relative_posts = "Postagens Relacionadas"
label_next = "Próxima"
label_previous = "Anterior"
label_page = "Página"
label_of = "de"

og_image="" # Image that will appear on social media
og_alt_image="" # Alt for og_image
og_site_name="" # Site Name for Open Graphic
keywords="" # Keywords for SEO

educational_use="knowledge share" # OPTIONAL
copyright_year="2018" # OPTIONAL

fb_app_id="???" # OPTIONAL, Facebook App Id to help in metrics
twitter_username="@???" # OPTIONAL, Twitter User to help with metrics

## Sidebar automatic links
sidebar = [
    {name = "Social", urls=[
        {name="Telegram", url=""},
        {name="Github", url=""},
    {name = "Divida Conhecimento!", urls=[
        {name="Contribuir!", url=""}

This configuration was the same configuration that we use on RustBR Blog

Favicons and other stuff

By default Dinkleberg wait that you have all icons on root of your static, for it you can use the site to generate that bundle and put it inside you /static :D