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Blog post template

Havi Hoffman has kindly given us permission to use the Mozilla Hacks blog post template as a reference point.

Setting things up

Defining a few things in the beginning can help you create content that works better for the reader.

  • Audience: This post is aimed at the Rust Content Team, so I can write things a bit more technical. If I was writing for beginners, I would have to keep things simpler.
  • Visual Assets: Are there videos or pictures or memes that can help you get your message across? Get them ready in advance.
  • FAQ/other materials needed: The same goes for other special content you may like to share, such as FAQs or podcasts, etc.

Some of the text below is dummy text, but it should guide your through writing a blog post. You should replace the dummy text with your own content and, probably, get rid of (or adapt) titles and headers.


  • Working title: How To Write a Nice Blog Post
  • Attributed Author: Rust Community Dummy
  • One line bio: Rust Community Dummy has been a great bot for three months. Loves Rust and working collaboratively.


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have an amazing blog post template? On this post we'll guide you through the basics of any great Read Rust blog post. We'll show you how you can get your message across in an easy manner and how to keep people interested in what you're sharing.

Telling a Story

When I was a kid Rust Community Dummy life could get hard sometimes. I used to get lots of sprockets stuck. However, when Rust Programming Language came into my life, things got blazingly fast and my thread safety was finally guaranteed. Let me tell you how it came to this. It all started with a blog post


Top Messages to Communicate:

  1. Keep your most important things at the top and then develop the idea
  2. A structured post is easier to read and easier to write
  3. Telling a story helps to keep readers engaged (and so do images!); a good story tells you about how the tech/policy/thing impacts people’s lives
  4. Language should be concise and easy to read for a general audience (unless targeted at devs)
  5. Less is more: short sentences are better than long ones

Call to action (CTA):

Can be: download, share this, learn more, give feedback, create/submit something In this case, write your own blog post using this template.

Suggested Basic Outline:

  • HEADLINE (suggestions)
  • LEDE - what is the news/story?
  • CONTEXT: what does it do, why should people care
  • SUPPORT: other background, details, examples, visual assets
  • CLOSING: summary of lead and/or what’s next; include/repeat CTA
  • For more information: [links]
  • Body of blog post

Example posts from Mozilla Hacks