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FOSS events planner

The FOSS events planner is a tool to build your own, flexible event. It's intended to highlight many things that are possible - and how to plan them - while still not giving you a fixed event format.

For that, it documents features of events and some general categorisation of these.

Additionally, the planner gives additional documentation for general subjects (budgeting, accessibility strategy, CFP, etc.).


To help out, please read our Contributing document!


Features take the form of cards. Each card holds some basic information:

  • A description
  • A category
  • The why?
  • The how?
  • Effort
  • Plannability
  • Budgeting
  • Hidden things
  • Tasks and time frames
  • Suppliers


The description is a short description of what the feature is.

The why?

An argument why this feature is useful for. It also describes non-obvious benefits.


Effort of implementation is a huge issue for organsiers and sometimes hard to gauge.


How plannable is this feature? Is it something that most likely stays within the effort calculation, or is it something prone to running over time or being delayed?


Budgeting hints: is this cost per attendee? Is this cost fixed? How much is it in general? Should this item be planned in the "must-have" section of the event or should it be in the "nice-to-have"?

Hidden things

All the knowledge we have about unpredicted things happening, making the conference a worse experience.

Tasks and Time frames

This is a list of tasks that must be done to implement this feature and when they should be done to make sure the feature has effect.


Suppliers that we know of providing this feature.


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