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RustLang Blog Boilerplate

This is the boilerplate code that allows you to quickly setup a blog that looks like the RustLang blog. It can easily be run on GitHub pages.

This project has been forked from the awesome GitHub repo of the RustLang blog.

How to use it

A deeper guide on how to setup a jekyll blog can be found here. I'll probably create one too if it helps.

The theme and layout can be found under _includes / _layouts _sass and / css.

The favicon is here.


The Rust Programming Language Blog is primarily distributed under the terms of CC-BY 4.0. So is this boilerplate.

See LICENSE for details.

Code of conduct

Any project I create and I take part of respects the Rust Code of Conduct.

If there is any issue send me a message and I will make sure the code is respected.

Happy blogging and happy coding ! :)