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Rust Community Team

Leader: Ashley Williams (@ashleygwilliams)

This repository is the home to the Rust Language Community Team. We use this repo to track meeting agendas, new ideas, and concerns that cut across our various subteams.

Get Involved!

💕 Participate in a Subteam

Working with or joining a Subteam is the best way to get involved with the Rust Community team. Subteams are subject focused and bring together people who are invested in managing and producing awesome events, content, workshops and more!

See more on subteams below.

🏢 Attend a General Meeting

The Rust Community Team meets every other Wednesday, 5PM UTC on the the IRC network in the #rust-community channel. These meetings are treated as a standup for the subteams, though we occasionally host guests. Before you consider joining a general meeting- take a look at the Subteams to get a sense for what sort of work is being done!

If you don't have an irc client you can access it via Mibbit. The meeting agendas can be found here.

If you would like to attend, please read our Observer Policy.


The subteams are the best way to get involved in the Community Team. You can learn more about each team by visiting it's repository, reading it's goal document, or messaging it's Team Lead. You can find all the details below- we're excited to hear from you!

🗓️ Events

The events team helps events to get better in touch with the rest of the community. We advise and bring you in contact with other organisers. The events team are also the ones to approach if you want to get you meetup featured on the events calendar and subsequently the newsletter.

We are hoping to find new members around the globe, especially outside of Europe and the US.

Repo | Goals Document | Leader: Florian Gilcher (@skade)

📚 Content

Organize and write for the community blog and other publication outlets; organize and promote material like videos and podcasts; provide lectorate (copy editing) and assistance for people that want to write blog posts on rust.

Repo | Goals Document | Leader: Mark Sta Ana (@booyaa)

☎️ Switchboard

Connect the community with the right Rust resources or people, gather feedback from production users, increase Rust presence in other communities

Repo | Goals Document | Leader: Manish Goregaokar (@manishearth)

🌉 RustBridge

RustBridge is a workshop focused on getting underrepresented people with a background in another programming language to learn Rust and join the community.

Repo | Leader: Olivia Hugger (@oe)

📝 Survey

Plan, run, analyse, publish surveys and provide other teams with advice on running surveys.

Leader: Jonathan Turner (@jonathandturner)

🗺️ i18n and l10n

Organize folks interested in helping Rust become more accessible around the world.

Leader: Sebastian Magri (@sebasmagri)